FESTA FORESTA is an Italian independent brand established in spring 2020 by the vision of the creative mind of Laura Zura-Puntaroni, Italian architect with a nomad soul, currently based in Milan.  


The name FESTA FORESTA comes from a daydream: the word FORESTA includes in its spelling the world FESTA and connection with Nature end Enthusiasm are two of the main features of the brand.


FESTA FORESTA has been dreamed for a long time in the countryside, conceived in a small town in the centre of Italy, where life goes on slowly and time seems to have stopped. 

First part of the design of every collection is made spontaneously worldwide: most of the time is when traveling that the magic happens! Every creation is the result of different life moments. 

All items are designed and prototyped in Milan, the place where creativity finds its way.

Every single step of the production is made in Italy, by small laboratories and artisans, ensuring the maximum care and attention to finishing. 


Obsession for details finds its maximum expression in simplicity. 

Products’ high quality is ensured through an ethical and sustainable approach.

Main goal of every single stitching is to make the wearer feel comfortable with their body.